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Wonderful Testimonies About This Book:


“It’s been said, “If you want to impress people, make things complicated.  If you want to help them, keep it simple.” John Kelechi takes the best of both worlds and not only impresses with his prophetic insight but boils things down to their essence in such a simple, practical way that we can all put action to his words.  John illuminates scriptures and biblical principles so that we can clearly see God’s intent for us in them. He leads us toward fulfilling the things God created in advance for us to do with the heart of a shepherd, the eyes of a prophet, and the mind of a teacher.”

  Pastor Joel Balin

 Author of The Spirit, Soul, and Body of Worship- Georgia USA


“I believe John to be wholehearted in His walk with God and His work within the church!

His work in his book, “Expect only Good from God” will be a true blessing in one’s growth toward Christian maturity. As you study and search to walk pleasing to the Lord, this book will be a good tool in your hand! God Bless.”

Pastor John Benning
Acworth Grace Fellowship- Georgia, USA

“The book is an eye opener, and the Spirit guided the author to write in this book something that directly spoke into my situation.

This was the answer to the puzzle that I have been trying to understand in my situation, however, one of the chapters of this book gave me a eureka moment.

I thank God for giving you ideas in your mind and the grace to pen them down to completion so God’s other children may also benefit.

Amazing work indeed!”
Mrs. Sarah V
Dubai UAE



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