Brethren, we’re usually discouraged from doing good to people around us when we receive bad either from them or other people. We tend to forget how our heavenly Father does good to us even when we offend Him. His command to us is, “Do not be weary in well doing….”(Gal.6:9). Remember, in Acts 10:1-2, a man named Cornelius was remembered by his persistent alms giving and was saved, Dorcas was raised from the dead because of her good works to people too.

Our Father wants to use us to show the world how generous and gracious He is in doing good, so He urges us to continue in that irrespective of what we receive or not receive from people.

Another thing to persist in is prayer. If you’re asking something from God and have not received it yet, are you discouraged from continuing with the request? It is Scriptural to persist in prayer as the Lord teaches in Luke 18:1-8. Remember blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52), note that the Lord did not answer him at his first call but by his continued call on Him. It is obvious that the Lord heard his first call but decided to test his seriousness which passed the test and got him answer. Hannah didn’t get a child the first year she asked from God but her continued asking and seriousness got her not only Samuel but more children. Her seriousness passed the test!

Brethren, as Hannah continued till she received her request, continue and that same God will answer you!

It is well with you!!!

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